License Application Services

Recreational licence applications are complex and the requirements are onerous. It is common for business owners to overlook how intricate and involved the licensing application process is. Considering that you could only have one opportunity to apply for a license, it is crucial to select the best team to assist you in completing the demanding application criteria. Schedule a call to talk with our experienced team about helping you successfully apply for a recreational license.

Business Process Outsourcing

BPO is about letting you focus on what you love. Great North's services gives our clients access to innovative resources that they might not otherwise have exposure to or are too costly to implement alone. By outsourcing certain parts of their back and front-office services, our clients are able to focus on the aspects of their business that matter most and improve their operational flexibility.

Technology Stack

Bringing integrated technology to make data driven decisions.

In a quickly evolving industry, technology decisions should not be made lightly. Record keeping, information security, and back office integrations require significant time to research to select and even more time to maintain

Our technology consulting and implementation services are prepared to make light work of your most challenging needs enabling you to make data driven decisions that affect your companies bottom line.

Business Formation Consulting

Doing it right the first time.

Not all businesses are the same and in emerging industries with strict requirements and tight regulations, ensuring your business is structured properly is paramount to reducing overheads and reducing tax liabilities

GNS can inform you of best-practices in complex and emergent industries saving you millions in the long-term.

Analytics and M&A

Whether its mining data for strategic marketing or preparing data for a merger and acquisition, GNS is prepared to help.

Our team is experienced in pulling raw data and making it into information. Our business analysts make use of that information to aid you in making informed business decisions.

Branding and IP

Growing, protecting, and advancing your brand.

Branding, trademarking, and brand leasing are difficult tasks to accomplish. In an industry that is fast expanding nationally, GNS has experience and an array of tried and tested brands for your operation. Want your own brand? Great North has years of experience with product development, branding, and IP.

Regulatory Advising & Consulting

Navigating regulatory headwinds to build a successful business.

Our team of business professionals have years of experience in emerging industries. As your states' medical and recreational business grows, so too does the need for understanding the complex local, state, and federal implications of running your business. Relying on the experience gained from other states regulatory changes, GNS brought together a team that has been in the trenches and understands the headwinds your business will face.

Compliance and Audit

Regulatory compliance requires the right amount of legal wisdom, operational frameworks and polices, and technology platforms to pull your data together.

Great North Services not only delivers on those requirements, but does it under one roof.

Human Resources

Your business requires competent, trained, and reliable staff. In today's market, its hard to find quality employees.

GNS' HR services provide vetting and pre-hire training services so you can rest assured, your staff are ready and able to meet your daily business challenges.


Being an owner and operator in an emerging market can be overwhelming. By outsourcing non-core and administrative functions, companies can reallocate time and resources to core competencies like customer relations and product decisions.

GNS' full line of BPO services gives our customers greater operational flexibility and focus.