The Company

Great North Services is a managed services and consulting company with a particular focus on emerging industries in the upper midwest and beyond.

Our Professional Services Team comes from a variety of industries and were chosen because of their acumen in various businesses disciplines such as legal, marketing, and information technology.

We believe punctuality is a foundational trait of successful businesses. We meet our timelines so you need not stress.

We take your information seriously. Secure communications, Chinese Walls, and internal policies and procedures insure your information is safe.

We strive to provide "top shelf" services at a rate businesses can afford.

Our team is comprised of experienced business, legal, and technology professionals.

Excellence in Services

We are leaders in providing outsourced and consulting services with a set of cutting-edge technologies and a team of experienced and renowned professionals. These are some of the disciplines we are known for.


Our team can help you determine your technology needs from start to implementation.

Business Formation

We specialize in the formation of companies who have unique regulatory needs.

Analytics and M&A

We mine your data for better marketing or preparing for a merger or acquisition.

Branding & IP

Branding is a key component of building your businesses value.

Legal Consulting

Our team of legal professionals have years of experience in the regulated industries to help you meet stringent regulatory law.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is what keeps you in business. Our years of experience are yours.


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