Grant Guelch

Grant Guelch began his career in the cannabis industry in 2014 when Washington State legalized cannabis, starting as a cultivator. With over a decade of experience, Grant has developed a deep understanding of various aspects of the sector, enabling him to establish and lead multiple successful ventures.

Grant co-founded DMC-CURVE, where he has been committed to providing top-quality cannabis to customers across Massachusetts since 2018. As the Chief Operations Officer at Pacific Grown Organics since 2019, Grant has played a key role in ensuring the production of consistent products for California’s commercial cannabis market. He also co-founded Forevergreen in 2022, offering supply chain solutions and M&A strategy for the cannabis industry, drawing upon his expertise in mergers and acquisitions.

Throughout his career, Grant has gained valuable experience in multi-state expansion deals, which has allowed cannabis businesses to prosper across state lines. As the President of Wander Farms from 2014 to 2023, Grant led a team dedicated to growing commercial cannabis in Wenatchee, Washington. His involvement in business development at Weekend Unlimited Inc. and his role as Founder of Viva Cannabis further demonstrate his versatility and competence in the cannabis industry. Grant graduated from University of Washington with a degree in Agricultural Science, Grant is dedicated to shaping the future of the cannabis industry through strategic investments, expert consolidation, and tailored advisory services.