Sr. Application Writer

Andrew Mieure

Andrew Mieure has an extensive and proven track record within the cannabis industry overseeing regulated cannabis dispensary and cannabis hospitality operations in Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Michigan, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Oregon, and Illinois.

As a trusted licensing consultant, he has assisted numerous groups with competitive licensing, application submission, and regulatory support. Specifically, Andrew has won dozens of licenses for his clients in multiple regions throughout the United States with pending decisions on submitted cannabis business applications in highly competitive markets.

His focus has been building cannabis retail and hospitality operations from the ground up, including the creation of business plans, concepting, strategy, hiring, training, standard operating procedures, sanitation, expansion strategy, compliance, and regulatory codes, government relations, human resources, vertically integrated processes, product assortment, and quality control, safety and security measures, and community education.

As a license holder in Illinois, he is working with his team on the development and buildout of cannabis manufacturing and transportation facilities serving the state of Illinois.

Andrew’s past and current clients include boutique brands, family-owned dispensaries, large-scale vertically integrated organizations, product development teams, cannabis hospitality venues, traditional hospitality groups, and social equity operators.